Investment Promotion

Investment Promotion Management System in Axpert

The Government of Goa has formed the Investment Promotion Board with the vision that the Goa to be an aspirational investment destination, by making business a pleasure, for best in class manufacturing, knowledge-based, tourism, entertainment and other service industries while improving the environmental and social indicators of the state. The objective of the Investment Promotion Board policy is Creating 50,000 jobs in the next five years, facilitating Rs. 25,000 crore of new investment into Goa in the next five years, providing high quality logistics infrastructure to industries, providing 24*7 high-quality power supply and quality core infrastructure to industries and using innovative and socially acceptable mechanisms to make land available for industrial development.

ITG submitted its proposal to the Chief Executive officer, Goa Investment Promotion and Facilitation Board development for developing online system organization using Axpert an Enterprise Based Software platform. The system will include the following details in the scope of work:

  • Online application portal: The applicant can apply online requesting for the permission of the board to invest in a particular field or sector in GOA. Applicant will be provided with an unique ID for his registration and another unique ID's for his proposal's so that board members and investor can check the status of the file as well can keep track of other project.
  • Scrutiny module: This module will assist scrutiny to check and verify the authenticity of the investor and his project. Based on the remark this shall be forwarded to the board members for further action.
  • Board meeting: Board meeting capturing the discussion of the board members with respect to the proposal submitted by the investors.
  • Status: Status helping hand to all the members who are handling the IPFB system.
  • On-Line Payment: Online payment gate way for processing fees paid online by the investors can be done through this module.
  • Queries: This will take care of questions and answers of the investors and the board members
  • SMS and email: Facility to provide or notify the members or investors via email or SMS.
  • MIS: Detailed MIS report of the system and workflow.
  • File management: File movement of the investors or of board members can be seen in this module.
  • Land module: Helping locals to publish their land for GOA's investors.
  • User maintenance module: Giving access rights to the certain users, based on their credential etc.
  • Audit trail: Providing the detailed audit trail which shall assists IPFB to scrutinize the changes made in the data if any.
Presently, ITG is awaiting for the approval from this Goa Investment Promotion and Facilitation Board to go ahead for its implementation and development using Axpert an Enterprise Based Software platform.